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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 20026
1077 North Service Road #39
Mississauga, ON L4Y 1A6

Note:  this is a mailing address only – it is not a shelter.
Our foster homes and cats / kittens are located all over GTA



Please Note: We cannot return calls for kittens unless they have been placed
on our "available" page - around the time they are 6 to 8 weeks old  

Note: Our priority is pregnant cats, moms and infants and motherless kittens.
Please be advised that at this time of year, our foster homes are jam-packed
and if you leave a message on our lines to surrender a cat
we will only be able to return your call if we can help

This boy, who has now been named Roker, was found wandering at night with a veterinary medical collar embedded in his neck and a rope attached to the cone and around his body.  
He has a cut on his ear that may be from an encounter with another cat or wildlife.  
He is a sweet boy who loves attention.
He is currently safe and living in a garage for the time being but it is getting cold and he cannot stay there indefinitely.  He needs a foster home!!!
Roker will be seeing the AC vet in the next few days for a health check and then will be ready for a foster home.

If you can offer Roker a safe, warm and loving environment and nurture him until he is ready for his permanent home, please fill out a foster parent application or call 416 284 2140 today!

If you are unable to foster at this time, but would still like to help Abbey Cats with the care of the cats and kittens in our foster homes, please consider making a donation. All monies received goes directly to food and medical attention for the animals.


Abbey Cats got a call about a hoarding situation involving a number of cats and kittens.
Our volunteers arrived only to find out that the person had moved several of the cats and kittens in order to hide them from us and others.

We took a mum and 6 kittens who were there but we knew from photos there was a another kitten.
The next day, we managed to rescue the seventh kitten.

Our vet says the kittens are only 5 weeks old despite being told by the person they were 7 weeks old.
The mum and kittens are malnourished.
They will have to be on special vet supplied developmental food for months and will be treated for various minor health issues.
They are safe in a warm and loving foster home now and are being well looked after.
The mum’s name is now Leigan and her kittens are Duncan, Galloway, Amberdale, Nataal, Ranee, Shawne and Tanis.


The food and medical bills for Leigan and her kittens will be ongoing for months. 
If you would like to help us help them, please consider making a donation.

Because Abbey Cats is an entirely volunteer-based charity we rely exclusively on the generosity of like-minded animal lovers who believe that every cat has the right to a safe and loving permanent home.
We are not government funded.

Because ACA is based exclusively out of foster homes and has no overhead expenses,100 percent of every donation goes directly towards food and medical care for the animals.

No amount is too small to make a BIG difference! We thank you in advance for your generosity. 


Madison and Maverick continue to thrive in their foster home.
They have been waiting for a forever family for what feels like... well forever!

These cuties are total lovebugs, however they are very shy around strangers.
This makes meet and greets very hard as they don't "show well".
Pictures are a challenge as well. They will be sitting on the couch with their foster mom and out comes the phone, and out go the cats!

It's very frustrating as both cats are strikingly beautiful and also so incredibly soft to the touch.
Seriously whatever hair product they are using must be shared!
They're also not very vocal, but they are very loving.

Maverick is the shyer of the two and will come up for pets once he sees Madison rubbing against his foster family. Madison LOVES head rubs and Maverick LOVES butt scratches.  

They are very low key and low maintenance. They are on a special diet due to Madison's sensitive tummy.
But other than that they are the most chill, easy going, least work animals their fosters have ever had to deal with.

They currently share a home with tons of fosters including cats, rodents and dogs.
They seem okay with everyone but would do best in a home with no dogs (or very relaxed dogs), a bit of a quiet environment and with a family that is willing to let them just be.
In return they offer tons of snuggles, lots of cuddles and a zen energy that will make any home feel a million times better having them in it.

In order to find them a home together, we are letting them go 2 for the price of 1 adoption fee.  

Abbey Cat Adoptions is a registered Canadian charity #88190 0401 RR0001