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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 20026
1077 North Service Road #39
Mississauga, ON L4Y 1A6

Note:  this is a mailing address only – it is not a shelter.
Our foster homes and cats / kittens are located all over GTA


Saving one cat will not change the world,
but surely for that one cat, the world will change forever. - Karen Davidson

***We regret that due to a high volume of calls, we are unable reply to those applicants who ask for only one kitten and have no kittens at home.*** 

We currently have room in our foster homes for pregnant moms, infants, older kittens and young adoptable adults.

If you would like help placing any of these cats or kittens, please get in touch with us 416 284 2140
Your call will be returned within 24 hours.

Britt Marie
9 months old
The kittens were born February 28th
Mom and all four kittens are doing well
Please stay tuned for more pictures, names and sexes of the babies


Through no fault of his own, Simon is in urgent need of a new foster home, or even better, a forever home!
Can someone help him out?
Simon is unable to remain with his current foster parent because severe allergies are jeopardizing her health.
She would have kept him for the rest of his life otherwise.
Please read his story, told by his foster mom.

Simon’s background:
Simon was rescued off the streets after his rescue mom Hailey realized he is not truly a feral cat nor does he belong on the streets of Toronto. As Hailey put it, she looked into his eyes and in that moment she just knew – he was tired, wanted off the streets and needed her help.

All we are able to guess about this amazing cat is that he was likely someone’s loyal companion until he was either left behind or got lost. He spent at least a couple of years or more on the streets. During this time, he never got close to other cats in the colony and in fact, throughout his survival months he collected some battle scars and developed an anxiety around other cats. He was what his colony feeders and Hailey called a "fringe" cat. Simon hung on the outskirts and always waited to eat after everyone else had left the feeding area.

His foster history: 
Once trapped, Simon had a very rough start at first. Unexpectedly, Simon spent a full 8 days stuck in a covered trap with the only human interaction being to feed him and transfer him from one trap to another for cleaning. Without knowing what was happening to him, he understandably was highly stressed, mistrusting and a challenging foster. Simon's challenges while stuck in a trap for 8 days carried into his foster home with issues such as biting, scratching, territorial protection, anxiety related to feeding times & food in general as well as, some stalking behaviour. As a result, Simon swiftly went through 3 foster homes as he became a difficult cat to place and needed a very special type of home and person. Vets and techs who met Simon recommended releasing him back to the outdoors as they deemed him to be too feral but, Hailey knew that was not what Simon needed. What Simon needed and still needs is someone to be patient and give him a chance to build a connection with his person in his own time just as I have being his 4th and longest foster mom.

My name is Saodat and I have been fostering Simon since late July 2018. I cannot thank Hailey enough for believing in this cat, for giving him a chance and for not giving up on him. During my first month with Simon I had to wear mittens to apply ointment to his fight wound which had turned into an irritated dermatitis. I also had to be very careful walking around him or approaching his space because Simon felt very nervous about humans being too close to him after having been let down by them so horribly and so, he would at times, swat at me if I was getting too close to him.

Please do not be discouraged by all that I have shared up to this point because this fostering story has a very happy turn of events. After the first month, Simon started letting me pet him. I could safely place his bowl in front of him without any reaction from him. He began joining me for cuddle sessions in the mornings. Eventually, he started asking for my attention and I knew he missed me when I was gone because he would greet me by the door when I got home. Through the months I've fostered Simon, he has become quite a sweet gentleman and we have not had a single scratch or bite since mid-September!

What kind of a cat is he:
Simon has grown into a loving, loyal, smart and very cuddly companion. He loves to be near his person and so, he always follows me around the house, patiently sits next to me while I do my thing, be it brushing teeth, doing dishes or opening the front door. He talks to me when I first get home to tell me about his day. He even lets me touch his belly! (But not his paws – those are sacred). His favourite thing is whenever I work from home because he can be with me and relax on my bed just behind my work desk as I type away while he’s busy snoozing. As Simon’s curiosity is very moderate, he doesn’t really go into my closets or hidden nooks; Nor does he climb shelves, windowsills or desks. So to date, he has not managed to knock down a single item in our house. He is not big on cat toys although I try engaging him with different kinds but, he is obsessed with his scratchers and will faithfully use them for his claws (but never furniture).

What I’m trying to say is that Simon is a wonderful cat.
He's smart, loving, patient and as a bonus, he’s very low maintenance.
He really doesn’t need much except a human like you to love him and respect him just like he would in return.
You will never regret giving this amazing cat a chance, trust me. He amazes me every day.

His health record & needs:
Please note that Simon is FIV+ and he has feline herpes virus. Neither bother him or require special care, except that the herpes virus comes and goes usually in the form of a watery right eye.
I was able to manage the watery eye very well by feeding him limited ingredient rabbit/turkey cat food by Instinct which is also needed to keep his dermatitis I mentioned earlier, under good control.
He has not had any issues with his dermatitis since being on this diet.
He is also taking anti-anxiety medication because otherwise he tends to feel anxious, especially around feeding times and will become restless (running around, meowing and becoming easily over stimulated).

As mentioned before, Simon needs to be the only pet in your household as sharing space with other animals stresses him out and a home without children would be best. Ideally, we wish for you to have previous experience living with a cat.
Being familiar with cat body language, what it is like having a cat at home (shedding hair, claw marks on your throws, etc.) and having low expectations with an ability to allow Simon to adjust and build trust in his own time is what will ensure a beautiful and rewarding bond is build between you.

In conclusion…
It is a long shot but all Simon needs is one human to believe in him enough to give him a chance like I did and like Hailey did back in May of 2018.
If you are this person, Simon will be super happy to show you just how much love he has to share!

If interested, please contact:   lucytherabbit@hotmail.com  or   randomrescue7@gmail.com


Abbey Cats is always taking in new cats and kittens who will be looking for permanent homes...
Until they are ready to be adopted, we rely on our wonderful volunteer foster parents to take care of them.

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Abbey Cats is currently in the process of expanding our volunteer team, and we are seeking cat lovers to join!

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