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Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 39504
Rpo Lakeshore Cawthra
Mississauga, ON L5G 4S6

Note:  this is a mailing address only – it is not a shelter.
Our foster homes and cats / kittens are located all over GTA


Abbey Cats first goal is to find the best match between cat and adopter. 
As such, our process is not the same as other shelters and can take anywhere from 24 hours to several days depending on the availability of counselors and foster homes.

Here’s how it works:

Interested in adopting an Abbey Cat?
Please fill out our online application today!
An adoption counsellor will be in touch within 24 hours.

We give adoption priority to the applications in the order in which they are received.
Please feel free to call our phone line 416 284 2140 if you have any questions or require assistance with the application.

An interview will take place, and if your cat-owning philosophy fits with ours, we’ll arrange an appointment for you to meet your potential cat at their foster home.We are not a shelter with a single location or building. Abbey cats live with their foster families in homes throughout the G.T.A. As a result, our cats are much healthier, happier, and sociable. Depending on the location of the foster home and subject to the availability of the foster parent, it may take some additional time to set up a meeting between you and your new friend. 

When meeting your new cat at their foster home, please be prepared to take the cat home if everyone is in agreement that you are meant for each other. 
A cat carrier with a metal door is essential for the cat’s safety – and yours – during the transport to your home. 
The foster parent will need to know you have picked up basic supplies (litter box, food, etc.) in preparation to take your cat home. 
The foster parent will also be able to inform you in advance of the food the cat has been eating so you can purchase it.

Abbey Cats is like no other rescue group out there. We care passionately about the cats in our program and treat them with the same love, respect and care that we show our own.

We believe we adopt to the top 10% of pet owners whose philosophy matches with ours and who are prepared to make the long term commitment involved in living with a cat.

If you care about finding a cat that has been given the best care, the best diet and the most love since the hour it entered our program, then take the time to work with one of our adoption counselors so that together we will find the perfect cat for you. 
We are highly knowledgeable about what constitutes excellence in cat care and want to adopt to people who believe, as we do, that their cat is a valued and valuable member of their family. 
We try that much harder.

**Kitten Policy**

Please note: Kittens require the companionship of other kittens and the younger the kitten the more this is so. 

It is a developmental need. 

If you do not have animals at home and you only want one cat please look at kittens 6 months or older. 

By this time in their life we know which cats need the companionship of other animals and which ones would prefer to live without other animals.

We provide an adoption service and want to match the right cat with the right home.

It is against Abbey Cat policy to adopt a single kitten under the age of 6 months to a home without other young cats/kittens for company.

Please bear this in mind when calling to adopt. Thank you

If you would like to know more about why adoption is the safest and most humane way to obtain a pet, please take a few minutes to go over this infographic .

Please help spread the word about wonderful reasons to adopt a pet!
(for a larger view, please click on the image)



In order to speed up the adoption process, please complete an online application .Due to OVERWHELMING demand we regret we are unable to respond to voice mails at the present time.
We are being swamped with calls.

If you are seriously interested in adopting, fostering or surrendering a cat please complete an online application

Need help finding the perfect fit for your family?

All of the cats under Abbey Cats care are in foster homes, where they receive one on one attention in a home environment.

Our adoption counsellors are familiar with each cat's unique needs and personalities
- please give us a call and we will be happy to help you find your match!

** Please note, due to the nature of our organization we are constantly rescuing new animals.
If there is a specific breed / age / gender that you are looking for, we encourage you to keep checking back.

Once a cat is ready for adoption, they will be posted on the website - we do not have waiting lists. **